Multiple reasons To Purchase your Health SME Policy in Tameeni Platform

1) Motor Voucher Discounts for all your employees and dependents above 18Y

Purchase or renew your Motor policy in Tameeni Platform and get a discount of 10% for Comprehensive.

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2) Life insurance Coverage for free

Life Insurance coverage for every employee up to 100,000 SAR “Death or Permanent disability”.

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3) HR software- 50% Discount

Automate the onboarding, payroll, and attendance of all your employees with revolutionary HR software for only 15 SAR / employee per month.

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4) Convenient

Easy and smooth quotation and purchase process, you will get the health policy for your company uploaded to CHI in less than 90 seconds

5) Cost effective

Compare prices and benefits from 15+ different Insurance Companies and choose the best deal, the one that better meets your needs

6) Trust the Aggregator’s leader in KSA

A team of more than 100 professionals whose only mission is to provide you with the finest value propositions and the most amazing experiences

Steps to buy health insurance

  • Register account through Nafaz or Monshaat
  • Fill out your employees & dependents details
  • Compare offers and prices with networks and benefits
  • Make the payment and receive your policy

Why buy from Tameeni!

Searching for a medical insurance and communicating with insurance companies costs you time and effort, especially if you are looking for specific thing that suit your company or budget, Tameeni can help on that.

Easy comparison

Instant quotes for multiple products from different insurance companies that you can easily compare

Save Time

In a few simple steps, you can buy your company's medical insurance policy online

CCHI Upload

Immediate and systematic upload to Cooperative Health Insurance Council within 24 to 48 hours or less

Detailed Info

The policy price is important, but yet you can find the price of each insured member you have with selected class, and check the lists of medical care providers and the coverage limits

Providers List

Find a list of medical care providers and search for any provider that you may have by city or by provider name

Multiple Classes

different insurance classes that you can select from for each insured members, VIP, A, B, C and Basic

What insurance coverage and category can I choose for my members

Several classes of insurance that you can choose from for your employees through Tameeni.

After selecting the appropriate class for each of your insured, you can see details about providers, coverage and price breakdown

Medical Care Providers

It is a list of hospitals, medical centers and pharmacies available in the insurance policy, and from this list you can see the presence of a medical care provider according to each insurance class: available or not available or referral.

Coverage limits and benefits

Certainly, it is important for you to know the coverage limits that the insurance policy will provide. Therefore, Tameeni provides you with details of each price offer and what it includes of benefits, such as the percentage of endurance that the insured has at each review, the limits of dental treatment coverage, the benefits of obtaining medical glasses, and even the pricing of medical reviews according to The specialty of the doctor you need.

Insured Members Prices

You will need to know the insurance price of each employee and their dependents in the company, Tameeni allows you to see the price of each insured selected class and so that you can compare the price of a member in more than one quote from different insurance companies.

What affects the price of a medical insurance policy?

Each insurance company has its own method for pricing medical insurance policies. Therefore, there are many factors used by insurance companies, which in turn affect the price of each member insurance, including:



Class Type

Working City