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In minutes, you can get an immediate medical insurance policy and compare insurance offers for more than 7 approved insurance companies in the Kingdom.

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Employees Details

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Company National Address

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You can register an account in “Tameeni” by login into your “Monsha’at” account or by login into your account in the ministry of trade, or by login through “Nafath National”. Furthermore, which allows “Tameeni” to collect the information related to the “Commercial Registrations” under the same user account in the Ministry of Trade, which ultimately eases the process of entering the establishment/company’s information.
It is not possible to purchase a medical insurance for individuals as per the rules and regulations, “Tameeni” only offers medical insurance for the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).
You can do that by creating a new application request, then filling information related to your entity, then filling your employer’s information and their dependents.
“Tameeni” has an advanced comparison feature at the quotation step, which allows you to compare “Networks” and compare “Benefits” and even compare “Members Prices” before purchasing.
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